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Manual trading with technical analysis in conjunction with fundamental and sentimental analysis are our trading style. As traders, we develop a trading app for traders to get an instant access to our trading strategy for both short and long terms speculations/investments, in which traders can see the price levels to get in and get out from the markets and the time thereof, and traders will also in the meantime get the technical analysis for those updated trading instruments in a forms of drawn and depicted charts via our Android App@https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.m2mfxsignals.android; it is not only that we provide traders our trading analysis in a monotone output-wise, but traders can also send us directly their chart snapshots with questions to us via email, chat room to ask and discuss live.

Awesome Interface

The App is designed clearly for traders to have an overview about the trading system to get quickly access to the profitable analysis.

User Friendly

Everyone can use and understand how the signals have been analyzed.

Be with profitable traders

Trading with a very experienced team of traders, so you will no longer be alone.


Instant alerts to your device.


we frequently develop our trading App to the best level of technique and also with accurate tradings signals.

Instant Support

We support you via email and chat group(s).

Draw the charts

We offer trading signals with drawn charts on the Signals App, and this you will never see anywhere, except by us!


Trading but in communication with us, we hold the trading activities intact with you.

Very Active Community

What very useful is that the live price charts from tradingview.com is also integrated into the profile of each member so that trader can work on it, to make chart snapshots with question to ask and discus with us in our live trading room with just a click and copy the image link to send to us, without saving the picture on your own computer.

Quick Installation

Easy To Use

This App is very easy to use and is connected with each other, just signing up with us to experience it.



Traders have many questions and unclear things about trading signals to ask, we summarize what have been frequently asked here as FAQ’s below to answer you and hope that they will satisfy you all.

It is easy, you just need to download the App, install in your phone device and click on the subscribe button and chose the service package you prefer to and pay via Paypal. It is very secure because we use Paypal as our supplier for payment.

Yes, we are the best trading signals provider. We are differ to others in which in our App we send with the drawn chart for the trading products, so that you can see how the signals are made and analyzed; as signals receiver, you just need to take a look into it and you can flexibly decide for yourselves what price best is to in and out. Other signals providers they use automatic signals and there are no analyzed charts for you to check and consider. Furthermore we support you also via telegram channel to answer you the questions for each trading scenario you have. That makes us different to others.

Yes, it costs you no cents to install and use.

Yes, you need to register; our App requires no permissions to access your phone device, so that means we collect no your private data, except your registered email address.

We offer more than 20 trading products to trade and we will let for life time two (02) trading products for always free, namely EUR/USD and AUD/USD. By subscribe to premium services to enjoy more signals, more supports and analysis, we will charge with fees to maintenance our services.

Our trading signals will send  to your phone device via notification alert system directly, so what you need is to make sure that your device is set with sound/vibrate notification for our App; in case you would have missed the instant alerts, our App still store all the alerts in the device so that you can re-check the arrived signals again and delete them after that if you find they are no longer in need.

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App available for Android, Telegram Channel.

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