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BTC/USD is extending its B leg

Bitcoin 1.48% is just cool with its ups and downs movement, by which it has frequently been bringing the emotion of traders like the roller-coaster 🙂 and also other part of the media crowd to the discussion. I do not really care about its true value, but the fact is that it is trading and causing both losses and profits for traders.
According to our TA we are the opinion that the recently highest level at $ 7898.00 USD/BTC (price my used chart )did form its 5th impulsive wave. Following it is the ABC corrective, whereat the A leg just finished and the B leg follows. A standard B leg has been broken up and it probably on the way to reach its extending level to an impressive all time high at around $8842.90 USD/ BTC 1.48% . Anyway we need to take note that in extending scenario due to technical point of view the extension to Fibs 1.382 means the target to be hit but a stop between can be occurred and BTC 1.48% will head downward again to fulfill its C leg.


Our chart for the call:

Keep your watching on the price action and trade well!

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