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COT Report For May 02,2017_Chicago Mercantile Exchange_JPY_Futures-and-Options-Combined

Date Code  Contracts Of (JPY)  Notes Funds Net Positions Commercials Net Positions  Small Trader Net Positions Notes in Conjuntion with Chart Analysis Open Intrest( in contracts)
Tuesday, May 02, 2017 097741  $ 12,500,000.00   -26,565.00


38,107.00 -11,542.00 247,943.00

Red line= Commercial Positions 

Spring Green= Fund Net Positions

Yellow = Smaller Traders Net Positions 

Royal Blue= Open Positions 

Short interpret:

RSI is still below 70 level and there is still space for it to move further up. Stochastic currently exceeds the 80 level.

The commercial positions are still Net long, while Funds and smaller traders positions are Net shorts. The open positions are now reduced a bit, which indicates that the momentum for JPY in both sides have been reduced in some numbers. According to the COT Graph we can recognize, that more Net long JPY by the commercial will provide us the info for a uptrend for USDJPY ( a bit paradox here), while  Net short the JPY by the funds will give the USDJPY a southward direction. Currently as we see that the numbers of positions by both commercial and funds become nearer to each other in conjunction with the less open positions give us the early signal that soon a heavy move will occur. So likely the USDJPY will make a further small move upside, then the next period will be heading southward. 


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