Monday , December 11 2017
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Bitcoin (BTC) technical analysis for the corrective wave C

Bitcoin (BTC) technical analysis for the corrective wave C by NamMinh on In a technical point of view BTC just finished its 5th impulsive wave in a uptrend and did make an impressive peak at 1097.xx, and on the next day it goes to the corrective wave ABC according …

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A User Guide, receiving trading signals and how to use them efficiently

Go to, or go to the signals page at and find “Launch Free” to register it for free; you will see then following window appear as following:   after that you will realize the registering procedure as directed and required. After finished registering, you will receive an email and now just need to …

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GBPUSD at the conflux

GBPUSD at the conflux by NamMinh on As months ago I did share the idea about GU and its course has been developing into the downside up to now, and that means GU is actually still in a downward trend BUT WITH STRONG CORRECTION which means by a …

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